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Teresa Flores is a multidisciplinary artist who explores connections between her Chicana identity and the notion of the California Dream.  Through drawing, painting, video, and social practice Flores explores the ways generations of colonialism and assimilation in California have affected families like her own, who can trace their ancestor’s migration along the Pacific coast for generations. In exploring food and movement, collective art making and nurturing, Flores seeks innovative avenues of expression and pathways to healing.


Teresa Flores is an inaugural Artist-in-Residence for the Dolores Huerta Foundation. Her drawings, paintings, videos, and social practice projects have been featured in Alta Journal, The New Yorker and NPR and presented at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Spike Art Quarterly in Berlin and Galería de la Raza in San Francisco. Flores has also exhibited with Dominique Gallery, Espacio 1839, and has been a featured artist in the annual Venice Family Clinic Art Walk and Auction.  Her work has also been featured in online exhibitions and auctions on studied drawing and painting at Fresno State, home of the feminist art movement, before receiving her Public Practice MFA from Otis College of Art and Design, where she earned the recognition of Outstanding Alumni. Flores lives and works in East LA. 

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