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My work responds to the ways knowledge is transferred through bodily and cultural movement in space, centering the landscape and personal stories of Southern and Central California. These responses have ranged from drawing, painting and video to social practices like cooking, yoga and fence jumping. As a descendant of a Californio family, I feel it is important to recognize the unique layers of culture that have shaped me and consider how future Californians will be molded by the culture of our state, the bellwether of the nation.


My work explores regional nuances across California while keeping in mind commonalities of the California experience, which includes the iconic and fleeting California dream, the uniformity of agricultural areas and corporate retail spaces, and the long overlooked role of people of color maintaining the image and structure of the state. I draw on histories, icons and imagery from my ancestry and localities across California.


Teresa Flores is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her work examines identity, wellness and knowledge transfer within the context of California’s socioeconomic spectrum using drawing, video and social practices. Flores has presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and Spike Art Quarterly in Berlin and her work has exhibited in The Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art. She has taught Visual Culture at California State University Fresno and currently teaches for the Amory Center for the Arts. She holds an MFA in Public Practice from Otis College of Art and Design and most recently completed a fellowship with The Woman’s Building in Los Angeles.