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Center Core Series


Mixed media drawings on paper

This piece incorporates a mixed media drawing series of apple cores enlarged to a scale of six feet, presented in diptychs and triptychs.  It references a 2007 advertisement with a large chili pepper on the back of a Fresno city bus that resembled the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe at first glance, but upon further considering,  reflects on consumerism and Flores’ relationship to her body after being diagnosed with chronic illness. The title, Center Core, alludes to an apple core, the womb, and the name of her merchandising team while she worked in a retail job in the early 2000s.  


The larger drawings include stamped French decor patterns with six foot long apple cores in the foreground that include bright colors, topographic patterns, and digital distortions. Other drawings  are depicted over black backgrounds and mimic radiologic imaging to resemble the cross-sections of an apple.

Copyright 2021. Teresa Flores

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