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Got it From my Mama


Single channel video, 30:55

My family doesn’t dance much--we chill. I've been gliding by on the dance floor with the skills I picked up dancing folklorico in third grade and booty shaking classes I bought on Groupon. This video is a day in the life of a multigeneration Chicana practicing the Latin dances she was never taught. My focus drifts between the screen and my body. It’s an exercise in teaching the body to remember without mirrors- to reflect a muscular memory and a diasporic relationship we all carry. Since quarantine began, I’ve rearranged my living room to open up space for making art, making money, and building up my health. This small space has been a studio for art, yoga, Feldenkrais, video production, and dance. Having the space to practice and produce in my home leaves me with only my internal resistance. In the deepest days of quarantine, I examine the source of my own resistance and challenge myself to use the physical space to break through. Sometimes it feels like I’m incubating here and what I put out into the digital world is a dispatch of my struggles in quarantine.

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