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Art Moves

photo credit: Fernanda Ezabella


A series of art-informed yoga sessions addressing the practice, process and concepts of LACMA's current exhibits

For Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

This series of yoga sessions that incorporates topics like race, immigration, and landscape-- all subjects addressed in the artwork in LACMA's exhibits-- with breathwork, movements and elements of Fluxus performance to create a space for adaptive learning. Sessions were held inside the galleries at LACMA and off-site via zoom and created and stewarded by Teresa Flores and certified yoga instructor and journalist, Rebecca Plevin.


These sessions honor the body's ability to learn through movement and the need to adapt ways of experiencing art during quarantine when galleries and the traditional art experience art not accessible. 

The photos above are from LACMA's BCAM1 session and examine LA car culture, Miracle Mile, and the Los Angeles landscape through work in by Chris Burden, Robert Irwin, and Richard Serra. Photos below are from TamaYoga, a yoga session examining the art and practice of Rufino Tamayo, Not I: Throwing Voices, (1500 BCE-2020 CE) using yoga to examine centered and decentered voices in encyclopedic institutions and The View From Here, which utilizes yoga and breathwork to examine race, immigration and queer identity.

Copyright 2021. Teresa Flores

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