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This page serves as a host for R2H members to download and distribute community outreach graphics.

Ready to Help: A Mutual Aid Community Network was founded as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a diverse group of volunteers that combine our variety of skills to provide resources and assistance to aid members of our community. By volunteering your time, you can provide much-needed aid to the elderly that are afraid to leave their homes out of fear of infection or death, to low-income families that are having trouble putting food on the table, and to the folks living on our streets that don’t have the sanitary supplies they need to keep this virus from spreading. If you find yourself needing support, we are building a network of compassionate volunteers to support our communities through these difficult times. Your help can make a major difference in many peoples’ lives!

You can volunteer or ask for help by filling out this form:

For more information contact Aura Vasquez

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